Hello everyone!

Who are we?

Tally-Ho is run by a team of people in the UK, with bases in Cardiff, Blackpool and London. Our core values are to provide honest and transparent services in an emerging market that utilises blockchain technology. On top of that, we're implementing the same values in to Tally Token, a cryptocurrency with a high number of use cases compared to most.

For the cryptocurrency community, our Telegram Voice chat is always open offering customer service and support as well as hosting crypto events and talks. Our management often attend the platform to get to know everyone.

Contact us:

PR and Media - Want to write about Tally-Ho? We are happy to answer any queries and share updates on our projects.

Tally Raffle Monthly Address - Raffle entry is $5 and to be sent to the address below. You can send either


Tally Raffle Monthly - Fill out the Google Docs form to add your transaction hash in to the draw.

Won a Tally Raffle? Great! Email us with your transaction hash and wallet address at:

Seed Phrase Surety - Have you sent Tally Tokens to the pool? Complete the Google Docs form (also found on
our Telegram and socials).

Claim from Pool - For investors wishing to make a withdrawal. This is also where to contact us to report a
death and make a claim for the Tally Tokens held in the Seed Phrase Surety Pool.

Report a scam token - Thank your for letting us know. Our team will take a look and decide if it is a case that
warrants the Scam Alert to be triggered on our charts.

Tally-Ho aims to respond to all correspondence within 3 working days. Need a more urgent response? Find
us on Telegram and socials.