Harnessing blockchain technology,
for more than one purpose.

Based in the UK, Tally-Ho is aiming to provide blockchain-based NFT services such as copyrighting and notarising.

We're also launching a token with unique use cases, including a fee-free crypto payment system. Find out more below.

Live Online Services

Token Checker

DYOR Platform
A service featured on Tally Exchange.

Have you done your own research on the token . you are thinking of buying? Great.

Token Checker should be part of DYOR! Before making that purchase, visit the Token Checker platform to see if that token has not been flagged.


Token Checker Bot

Receive Scam Alerts when Token Checker publishes new tokens on its platform

Receive emergency scam alerts and warnings! Receive warnings of fake Telegram Groups and Telegram Scammers.

Be notified when a doxxed token is certified by Tally-Ho. Receive crypto News Feeds.

Doxxing Service

£450/ Price:

Quick service at a competitive price.
Privacy respected

Doxxing is when individuals prove their identity in order to gain trust and to be transparent.

However, they may not wish to have their identity openly available for a number of reasons.
Our service verifies the identity of applicants and allows confidentiality. Once the process is complete, we can confirm the applicant is who they say they are.

For projects using this service for their tokens: Successful applicants will have their tokens published on Token Checker under Doxxed Tokens.

GDPR: Tally-Ho does not handle personal data. Our partnership with Reference Pass allows both the applicant and our staff to use a specialised platform for the secure sharing of documents. This allows the process to keep in line with GDPR regulations protecting the individuals that we doxx which respects their privacy.

Report Scam Token

Don't suffer in silence, all crime should be reported!

Report a token. Our Tally-Ho team will investigate and collate information regarding any token brought to our attention and make a file. If we find the token/project is indeed a scam, the token is published on Token Checker to warn others

Future Remote Services

Notary Service

Coming Soon

Copyright Service

Coming Soon

NFT Marketplace

Earn NFTs on Tally Exchange

Use our NFT minting for copyright

Real Estate NFTs

Metaverse Estate NFTs

Tally Token $TALLY BSC Token

14-16% Passive Income to Holders +

  • Max supply:


  • Total supply:


  • Circulating supply:


Tally Tokenomics


  • 3% Reflections
  • 2% Burn
  • 3% LP Feedback
  • 2% Marketing
  • 1% Operations
  • 1% Charity / Loans
  • 1% Buy Back


  • 7% Reflections
  • 2% Burn
  • 3% LP Feedback
  • 2% Marketing
  • 1% Operations
  • 1% Charity / Loans
  • 1% Buy Back

Tally App coming Q3.

  • Store your cryptocurrency.
  • Send crypto for free.
  • Pay for bills, shopping and more with Tally Pay.
  • Instant collateral crypto loans (Starting from 1% APR).
  • Customised news for your tokens.
  • More features to be implemented.

Tally Visa Card coming Q4

  • Make payments with cryptocurrency anywhere in the world that accepts Visa
  • Instant crypto to cash withdrawals.
  • Crypto rewards on purchases.

For more details about our use cases, check out our White paper here