What is BUSD?

BUSD is a token operating as the dollar on the Binance blockchain. It is pegged to the dollar holding the same value.

Electronic money is not compatible on the blockchain. In order to make transactions on exchanges or invest in the products offered by Tally-Ho or on the NET Marketplace requires tokens in the form of BUSD.

How to buy BUSD?

You will need a wallet to hold your tokens. Trust Wallet and Metamask are two popular wallets used.

BUSD has become available on some exchanges. If you are already a member of an exchange, take a look if BUSD is on their listings. If BUSD is available, simply transfer to your new wallet.

By Using Credit / Debit Card

Option #1

  • Download TrustWallet
  • Click on Burger Bar in top corner
  • Type BUSD in search bar
  • Select “Binance-Peg BUSD” (BEP20)
  • Return to Wallet Home to see BUSD displayed
  • Select BUSD and click BUY

Option #2

  • Visit https://lobstr.co/buy-busd/
  • Download Lobstr wallet.
  • Buy BUSD using card.
  • Your BUSD will be credited to wallet.
  • Download TrustWallet or MetaMask
  • Send BUSD to your TrustWallet or MetaMask.