Terms and Conditions

These T&Cs relate to Tally Token and does not incorporate Tally-Ho services. Amendments will be made when this website expands to offer Tally-Ho products and services.

Tally-Ho operations fall in line with GDPR regulations and even if users are not from a GDPR regulated country, will be managed equally in regards to GDPR regulations as this legislation was set up for the right to privacy and the exercise of human data protection rights.

Tally-Ho Ltd. does not use, process, share, own, produce, transfer, store for own purpose or profit from data. Tally-Ho Ltd. provides a platform for users to use in a safe and secure manner with guidance on keeping to GDPR regulations but Tally-Ho Ltd. plays no part in the activities on the platform in relation to automated transactions.

These Terms and Conditions cover the relationships between Tally-Ho Ltd., individuals, businesses, agencies, charities and other organizations/institutions.

For the purpose of clear identity:

Tally-Ho Ltd. = “Tally-Ho”/“The Company”/“We”/“Us” Individual Users = “Users”/“Visitors”

Tally-Ho reserves the right to change, modify, add, or remove portions of this T&C for any reason at any time. Subscribed Users will be notified with any such amendments and the amended overview will be updated on its website.


Tally-Ho provides its website as an automated platform for users to utilise with precaution. Tally-Ho is not responsible for its content and should be used for informational purposes only.

Tally-Ho does not encourage or recommend investment nor offer any form of financial advice. The Tally Token is offered as a means of unlocking products and future products and services and is exchanged on the open markets free from control from any single source. Tally Token is not to be assumed to derive any form of value based on the performance of Tally-Ho. Tally-Ho is not responsible for any rises or falls of Tally Token.

Tally Charts

Tally charts aim to be a used as other similar charts but with an added feature. The chart can be used as a research tool to compliment other investigative resources. Charts may have an alert for users to recognise established scam tokens. With the thousands of tokens launched daily, it is a big task to discover which ones may be scams and it takes manpower to update such charts in order to warn and update users. Scams are discovered and logged also relying on communities reporting scam tokens for investigation. Tally-Ho will do checks on reported tokens and once satisfied that a token is a scam project, it will be displayed as a scam on the relevant Tally Chart. Tally Charts are constantly updated and is only one aspect of DYOR tools for users to take advantage of. Tally Charts is not claiming to have every scam token flagged and cannot guarantee that unmarked tokens are safe. For each scam alert, Tally Charts will have saved many investors from losing money and for this fact, it makes the Tally Charts use case a viable resource. Tally Charts is not claiming to be able to identify every scam token on the markets. To strengthen Tally Charts Tools, for premium users, there will be extra layers of protection. Tally Chart verification features: Although Tally Charts may not catch every scam token, Tally Charts can be used to verify official contract addresses with the official associated Telegram Groups that are linked to token contract address. When possible other social accounts are also verified.

Tally Token

Tally Token is a creation of a decentralised utility token on the BSC blockchain. The objective is for Tally-Token to become a Utility Alt-Coin. Although decentralised, Tally Token has a buy back feature to assist in stabilisation during shaky market activity. Tally-Ho will not interfere with Tally Token other than nurture the token on its journey. Adding use functions for Tally Token is what gives Tally Token its status. Allowing Tally Token usage with Tally-Ho products and services ensures the token’s functionality will operate as described in its tokenomics. Tally Token will launch with a high total supply. This is done to deliver a high volume of reflections in its early life. Tally-Ho plans to lower total supply during the first few years by using manual burns in accompaniment with burns that happen with each transaction. When Tally Token reaches a total supply comparing to other alt coins, reflections will gradually be reduced to 0% or near 0% as Tally Token matures into an established alt coin with many utilities. Tally-Ho will at this stage renounce the Tally Token contract resulting in Tally Token being fully decentralised operating as a currency.

Tally Raffle

The raffle is a community incentive that benefits both raffle ticket holders and receivers of charitable donations. Raffles will be held monthly and fall under Tally Token operations. Taking part in raffles require a completion of a Google Docs form or email contact sending wallet address, transaction hash code and ways to identify ticket holder. KYC is not required but verification processes are necessary for proof of wallet possession. The tx hash (proof of transaction of raffle entry) is what is used as the Tally Raffle Ticket. Tx hash must be received within one day of the day of raffle draw. All Tx hashes will be placed into the draw and numbered accordingly and prepared for raffle day. All Raffle Draws will be live on Telegram. Raffle holders must have their Tx Hash to know they have won. The draw will be done online viewable by the public. The number will be randomly chosen using random number picker software which is an online public service. The chosen number will be tallied with the associated Tx Hash. The final 6 digits of the Tx Hash will be called out live on Telegram which will identify the winner. All winning Tx Hashes will be posted on Tally Token Social Medias.
Claiming a win requires winner to notify a Tally Token Mod who will be of assistance or to send email to raffle team- email found on ABOUT US page on website. Ways to claim is also found on Telegram group. https://t.me/tallytoken. Users must not lose access to the wallet used to buy raffle tickets. Users who lose access to wallet associated with raffle purchase may not be able to make a claim. Users who fail to display ownership of associated wallet would have to prove without any doubt that the wallet belonged to them.

Raffle tickets are time sensitive and expire if not claimed within 6 months of Draw. All draws are held on file for 6 months and available for view on request. After 6 months, the raffle record is archived for a further 6 months. After 12 months, records can be found on the Binance blockchain.

On launch of Tally App, the raffle system will become an automated service ridding the use of Google Doc forms and the need for emails to verify identities. The live event will continue to run for users to attend.

Tally App

Tally App products and services aim to help develop a spending infrastructure for cryptocurrency. Tally-Ho respects the concept of privacy. KYC protocol will not be a requirement to use Tally App but will be an optional feature for users who feel KYC is necessary. There will be separate requirements for businesses using Tally App Business Services. With certain products, KYC will be required such as the launch of the Tally Visa Card. Tally-Ho will not tolerate suspicious activity and activities that can be seen as fraudulent or criminal.

Tally Surety Project

For security purposes, this service requires registration via Google Docs. There is a verification process which is KYC optional. KYC is preferred due to the ease of identification in unforeseen circumstances but is not a requirement. The Surety Project is a Pool set for users as a custodial service. In order to place Tally Tokens into the pool requires registration with enough information to safely assure that Tally-Ho can safely accept that users are who they claim they are when having no access to the wallet that deposited tokens. Tokens held in custody can be claimed back at any time by the owner of the tokens. Tokens deposited into the pool remains the property of the depositor. Users can add more tokens to the pool but a separate form must always be completed before each and every deposit. The pool is for users who wish to place tokens in a safe place in case of the loss of Seed Phrase or as an added safety feature against wallet infiltration.

Other coins and tokens can be added to the pool, however 50% of value deposited must be in Tally Token. This does not apply to other coins and tokens already deposited. If the value of the coins and tokens rise or fall in comparison to Tally, this has no impact on coins and tokens already in the pool.

There is an option to register the next of kin of all depositors. In the event of a death of a depositor, the next of kin will have claim of the tokens in the pool providing that the next of kin satisfies all checks that death has occurred. It is recommended that users notify their next of kin about the deposit made. Next of kin will need to email to begin claiming procedure. Email can be found on About Us Page.

Tally-Ho will never ask for a seed phrase.

Tally Financial Products

Tally-Ho is applying for FCA Approval and will be applying in other territories in due course. All planned financial products will not be offered before going through the full approval process. The foundation of cryptocurrency is decentralisation and Tally-Ho has no intention of going against the spirit of cryptocurrency. Tally-Ho has no interest in KYC protocols for users of its products and services. However, the company will be totally transparent with financial regulations by disclosure of its own crypto wallet(s) used by Tally-Ho to process financial services. Tally-Ho will not engage in any form of fractional reserve lending and will operate in accordance to relevant laws and regulations in the territories our services are available. All activities involving financial products will be relatively risk free and aims to be a tool satisfying community support and not a system developed for profit. Borrowers require collateral to take a loan and can only borrow up to 50% of the staked collateral. There are many terms for borrowers to choose from that work best for their situation. Financial products will be offered through smart contracts that will be automated with transactions based on set algorithms. For loans, collateral will be automatically returned once loan is serviced.

Tally-Ho Online Services

This website will feature remote copyright and a notary service. This will incorporate using NFT tokens and blockchain ledger as means of sealing transactions. Unlike with Tally Token, our organisation will exercise KYC protocols in order to carry out services that involve document registrations. KYC is intrinsic to the services provided by Tally-Ho. However, Tally-Ho will keep Tally Token and Tally-Ho separated. Tally-Ho will release a NFT token which will have no relationship with Tally Token. The NFT token will be classed as a security token and fall under different legislation. Terms and Conditions will be updated to include future additions to the Website in due course as an when each new product and service is presented for public use.

White Paper

This White Paper is for informational purposes only. The information included therein may not be exhaustive and does not imply any element of a contractual relationship. The content of the White Paper is not binding on Tally-Ho or their legal affiliates (“Tally-Ho” “we” or “us”), and Tally-Ho reserves the right to change, modify, add, or remove portions of the White Paper for any reason at any time before, during, and after the sale of Tally Tokens by posting the amended overview on its website.

Tally-Ho is registered in England and Wales - 13700697